Case studies

Our recent successes with clients to boost pump efficiency

  • Turbine efficiency monitoring in the UK

    By monitoring the efficiency of a turbine, we supported a UK water company to maintain maximum electrical output

  • Pump station efficiency testing in Brazil

    Reducing pumping costs for a major municipal water company at a downtown clean water pumping station in Sao Paulo

  • Blower performance tests at sewage works

    Using our FREEFLOW portable testing system to examine blowers at a sewage treatment works, and identify energy and efficiency savings

  • Boiler feed performance testing for power station

    Using our FREEFLOW portable technology to complete highly-accurate boiler feed performance tests to confirm pump capabilities for Australian power station

  • Pump monitoring at US water pumping station

    Using our FREEFLOW system and wireless technology to find hidden savings for a US water district, within one of the largest state water authorities

  • Pump tests at food production plant

    Working with a global food brand to find robust savings across its factory pumps. Another example of us leading the field and working with global brands

  • Major pump tests across many stations

    Pump testing 52 pumps within eight stations operated by large South Korean water supplier. This case study focuses on our work and findings at two pumping stations

  • Testing pressure pumps used for kaolin mining

    Working alongside GT Jones for a UK kaolin mining company, we have been carrying out accurate pump performance measurements to complement their innovative and reliable refurbishment work

  • Testing original 1930s engine-driven pump

    How we innovated to help a UK water company to test its largest engine-driven pump and verify pump efficiency improvements following a major refurbishment

  • Testing pumping station’s variable speed pumps

    Using our patented system we solved a lasting problem at our client’s pumping station, which consists of three variable speed pumps supplying raw water from its reservoir

  • Optimising network to reduce energy costs

    Our pioneering project reduced energy costs across our client’s whole pumping network. The project also scooped the Pump Centre’s prestigious award for Project of the Year 2016

  • Providing the tools to reduce operating costs

    We provided the tools to reduce operating costs at our South Korean client’s strategically placed pumping stations, which deliver safe drinking water to the country’s capital

  • Driving improvements at a Korean sub-station

    Our pump monitoring work at stages 5 and 6 within one of our client’s water pumping sub-stations . These form part of its major water network serving the capital city of Seoul

  • Optimising pumping plant in South Korea

    Collaborating with a global tyre manufacturer to optimise its water pumping plant, a pressurised system to circulate cooling water for synthetic rubber processing