Major pump tests across many stations

    Testing 52 pumps at 8 stations operated by large South Korean water supplier, focusing on findings at two stations.

    Identified major savings

    Finding savings of 190million (£111k pa) for three refurbished pumps at Station S

    Highlighted expected CAPEX

    At Station S of 597million (£346k), assuming a 3-year payback period

    Found rescheduling savings

    Showing savings of 147million (£85k pa) by rescheduling pumping at Station I

    More about these pump station tests

    For this South Korean company we completed a series of tests using our FREEFLOW portable on 52 pumps, which are stationed in eight pumping stations.

    The client’s pumps were varied and this case study focuses on our work and findings at two pumping stations (renamed for this case study). Station S and Station I are a mix of small-duty and medium-duty fixed speed pumps, as well as large-duty, high-energy fixed speed and variable speed pumps. With this client, further work is underway to review pumping assets and schedules and a refurbishment strategy.

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