Pump Testing Service

Why test?

Evaluate asset performance, health & efficiency by obtaining accurate, quality data

Maximise energy saving opportunities by identifying direct actions to improve performance

Identify poor assets and inefficient pumps to drive asset investment and refurbishments

Render of Riventa testing equipment shown connected to a pump

Better understand your pumps*

Our pump testing service is a cost-effective starting point for asset management.

By measuring the key parameters in addition to pump efficiency, such as flow rate, head and electrical power, current pump performance characteristics can be compared to ‘as new’ and ‘post-refurbishment’ conditions.

*Please note: we can also test blowers and turbines.

Test in 2 easy steps


performance, health & efficiency


same day report, start making gains

1. Test

Real-time testing

When providing pump testing, we combine our technology with engineer support, consultancy and software. All of which helps to gather highly accurate data that will enable you to meet maximum pumping demands at least cost.

Our engineers would visit your site to carry out an in-situ pump test, or work with your local partner, without disruption to operations. Our engineers are extremely experienced, carrying out each test to the same high standard.

We use both conventional and thermodynamic pump testing methods together as one, measuring the head, power, pump efficiency and flow rate in real- time. Our testing service is suitable for both low and high head applications.

2. Report

Analysis & results to drive savings

Following a test, you will receive a report that fully documented your assets in one place; with a full set of accurate pump curves (compared to OEM) and the system curve measurements; as well as consultancy and any required engineering support, should our findings suggest this as the best way forward.

The report will provide clear recommendations and an explanation of the potential return on all asset decisions, together with realistic payback calculations. Any consultancy delivered will offer a business case for investing in pump improvements. Here, our consultants can also assist with extra workload by helping to liaise with pump suppliers regarding pump specifications for example.

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