Pump Testing Service

    Why our entry-level pump testing?

    Evaluate asset performance, health & efficiency by obtaining accurate, quality data

    Identify poor assets and inefficient pumps to target maintenance, driving asset investment and refurbishments

    Reduce energy consumption and maximise savings by identifying actions to improve performance

    Render of Riventa testing equipment shown connected to a pump

    Better understand your pumps*

    Our pump testing service is a cost-effective starting point for asset management.

    By measuring the key parameters in addition to pump efficiency, such as flow rate, head and electrical power, current pump performance characteristics can be compared to ‘as new’ and ‘post-refurbishment’ conditions. It provides the same accuracy as a pump manufacturer’s test facility – but with the advantage of real operating conditions.

    *Please note: we can also test blowers and turbines.

    Test in 3 easy steps

    Deploy Riventa solutions


    on pumps, in stations

    Test pumps and systems with Riventa solutions


    performance, health & efficiency

    Save energy with Riventa solutions


    Make informed decisions

    1. Measure

    Rapid low-risk deployment

    Once you’ve selected your site, our cable-free and easy-to-install FREEFLOW4.0 pump monitoring system can be up and running in around 1 hour per pump, at low risk and with minimal disruption to existing operations.

    Deployment includes the temporary installation of precision temperature and pressure measurement in both suction and discharge pipework. Measurement over the pumps operating range typically takes 1-2 hours.

    2. Analyse

    Automated pump test software

    As data is acquired using our Windows 10 pump testing software, each data point is captured and the real-time pump test point can be viewed against the OEM curves. The statistical uncertainty of each data point is also shown and a CSV data log-file recorded.

    Our software includes an automated pump test report output which provides the user with a comprehensive summary of the condition and hydraulic performance of the pump.

    3. Act

    Results to drive savings

    Following deployment, we provide a comprehensive report outlining best practice recommendations, realistic payback calculations and a business case for moving forward – all backed by precision measurement and innovative analytics.

    We appreciate payback often relies on the ability to implement recommendations quickly. Here, our consultants can assist with extra workload by helping to liaise with pump suppliers regarding pump specifications for example.

    Now is the time to act…

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