Pump station efficiency testing in Brazil

    Reducing pumping costs for a major municipal water company at a downtown clean water pumping station in Sao Paulo.

    Found R$160k to R$580k savings

    Savings of between R$160k to R$580k per year available through refurbishment and/or replacement

    Upped efficiency by 15%

    Pump rescheduling increased operating efficiency by at least 15% (approx R$75k), with no capital outlay

    Further improvements

    By refurbishing 2 pumps efficiency would be up 42%; installing new pumps could improve it from 75% to 86%

    More about our work in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    We directly measured the efficiency of three 700CV water distribution pumps using our FREEFLOW portable pump testing system. We yielded immediate knowledge that major energy savings existed – results that were viewed with keen interest by the client. With Brazil an emerging market for us, we were pleased to demonstrate that FREEFLOW could accurately determine real-time pump efficiency.

    Updated in 2019: Eighteen months on, our client has seen very significant improvements. Our pump rescheduling recommendations led to immediate savings (savings of more than 13% out of the 15% we forecasted are now being realised); while the least efficient pump we measured was removed and refurbished. Post-refurbishment, the cleaned-up pump now exceeds the manufacturer’s expectations, running at over 80% – a 53% improvement!

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