Pump tests at food production plant

    Working with a global food brand to find robust savings across its factory pumps. Another example of us leading the field globally.

    Found £19,200 savings

    Through pump refurbishment, savings of £19,200 per year would be achieved

    Further £10,600 annual savings

    Delivered by prioritising pumps, with no CAPEX required to realise estimated savings

    Identified refurbishments

    By finding significant wear on all pumps identified and BEP not being realised

    More about this food plant project

    Using our FREEFLOW portable system, we tested the manufacturer’s cooling system, which is split into two pumping sub-systems. These are: factory pumps for sending chilled water from heat-exchangers to the factory; and evaporator pumps sending chilled water from the factory to refrigeration heat exchangers.

    Alongside the above results, we identified significant wear on all pumps identified (worst for pumps 4 & 5), and that a BEP of 81% was not being realised with maximum pump efficiency at 75% (for pumps 1 & 2).

    This case study, a first for us working outside of the water industry, focuses on testing the company’s factory pumps.

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