From a portable pump testing kit and our award-winning FREEFLOWi4.0 pump monitoring system to ECOFLOW and PROFLOW, and our proprietary HYDRANET software, we offer a powerful suite of patented technology. It’s what makes our solutions so effective.

    Explore the technology that would measure your pumps:

    FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system

    Our industry-leading FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system is a self-contained instrument that’s easy to use and designed to measure pump performance characteristics on industrial pumps.

    FREEFLOW pump testing system

    Riventa pump testing technology set-up

    FREEFLOWi4.0 thermodynamic pump monitoring system

    Our award-winning FREEFLOWi4.0 thermodynamic pump monitoring system offers immense flexibility. It can be temporarily or permanently installed on-site, directly assessing actual operational performance, continuously gathering data and driving ongoing optimisation work.

    FREEFLOWi4.0 pump monitoring system

    ECOFLOW – conventional yet next-level monitoring system

    A virtual flowmeter, ECOFLOW utilises advanced machine learning and takes conventional pump monitoring to a new level. It is your essential tool for real-time performance tracking in small to medium-sized stations or where the thermodynamic approach is unsuitable.

    ECOFLOW system

    ECOFLOW from Riventa
    PROFLOW from Riventa

    PROFLOW – a specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring

    A specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring, PROFLOW uses our advanced algorithm to provide a virtual flow meter on each pump. It has been designed for any size of water pumping station, to optimise performance and detect the onset of failures in real-time.

    PROFLOW system

    HYDRANET – real-time decision support software

    Cloud-based or locally hosted, HydraNet delivers real-time decision support to operators or existing automated control systems. It comes with in-built analytics and auto-reporting, features for managing OPEX and CAPEX, customisable alarms and warnings, and a GIS interface.

    HYDRANET software

    Riventa HydraNet network optimisation software

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