• PROFLOW specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring

    PROFLOW is a specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring. It uses our advanced algorithm to provide a virtual flow meter on each pump and is one in our range of monitoring systems. It has been designed for any size of water pumping station, to optimise performance and detect the onset of failures in real time.

    Why use a specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring?

    Like you, we appreciate how the mechanical signature of a pump and motor will change with different operating points (through variable speed or system changes). It is important not to confuse these variations with the onset of mechanical problems. The ability to reconcile mechanical and hydraulic data is an essential part of assessing pump and motor health.

    Working for both fixed and variable speed pumps, PROFLOW is an invaluable device for the protection of waste-water systems and can be applied to both wet well or dry well applications. We can utilise a site’s flow meter or, if one is not available, we can install a suitable flow measurement device.

    How PROFLOW works

    Our PROFLOW monitoring system has been designed specifically for the harsh environment of wastewater pumping stations. It offers real-time protection against imminent problems with the pump, motor or system.

    The system monitors all the essential mechanical and hydraulic parameters to detect the onset of problems or degradation of performance. It will enhance waster water station information, providing real-time pump monitoring data and so offering you vital protection.

    Above is a schematic showing how our PROFLOW system connects to a pumping system and the flow of data being gathered.


    For any weight of water pumping stations with typical energy consumption above 100kW
    Suitable for both low and high head applications


    Webserver and security
    Remote communications / GSM modem
    Up to four accelerometers
    Up to four bearing temperature sensors
    Two pressure transducers
    Three-phase power analyser
    Rotational speed input (4-20mA or digital)


    Delivers a total condition-based maintenance solution
    Protects from high vibration / temperature detection of cavitation / NPSH problems
    Measures individual pump efficiency and flow rate using our patented technology
    Supports planned maintenance programmes by tracking reduction in pump efficiency
    Monitors pump head, flow, efficiency and power
    Integrates with SCADA, standalone or web-access (security assured), enabling you to view essential data and enhance your control systems
    Trends and characterises hydraulic and mechanical KPI’s to reduce operational and capital expenditure
    Uses intelligent technology to reduce unplanned maintenance and deliver a platform for minimising whole-life costs

    Delivers the following real-time data, which are the building blocks of optimisation: pump efficiency (%), motor power (kW), flow rate (l/s), pump head (m), condition (mm/s, °C), and alarm output.

    The following measurements are taken: hydraulic measurement (Ps, Pd, Qs), electrical power measurement (kW), con-mon (vibration and bearing temperature), asset performance information, and detects blockage, ragging, airlocks and leaks.

    Integrated condition monitoring is also included in PROFLOW, including advanced accelerometer technology, so that the pump and motor set can be benchmarked for mechanical performance against ISO standards and historic data. This enables data to be cross referenced to the changing performance of the pump through our patented PROFLOW algorithm. Secondary measurements of suction and discharge pressure, and electrical power, enable the computation of pump efficiency

    By using RMS velocity, enveloped acceleration and fast fourier transforms processing methods we enable you to detect of pump, motor and system problems like rolling element degradation, looseness, cavitation, misalignment, imbalance / unbalance and air entrapment. This also means you can predict degradation and failure – all of which enables scheduled maintenance, rather than out of hours works, and results in reduced damage and lower maintenance costs

    The cost of unplanned maintenance and out of hours call-outs can be reduced by integrating with the SCADA system to detect and implement automated action to prevent unnecessary site visits.

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