• FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system

    Our industry leading FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system is an easy to use, self-contained thermodynamic instrument. It is one in our range of pump testing systems designed to measure pump performance characteristics on industrial pumps.

    Riventa pump testing technology set-up

    Why use a thermodynamic pump testing system?

    Using our thermodynamic method remains the most accurate and powerful means of testing a pump. The portable system makes this easy to do in-situ, without compromise to safety or disruption to operations.

    By simply measuring temperature and pressure across the pump, our precision technology calculates the efficiency and head of the pump (to an impressive accuracy of up to 0.5%). Then, by measuring the power consumed by the motor, we can calculate flow rate.

    How the FREEFLOW portable works

    Where existing pipework fittings are installed, an experienced technician can complete a typical pump test in less than two hours. A range of test points are taken at different flow rates, across the operating range of the pump. This data is used to plot performance curves of the pump under test.

    FREEFLOW portable schematic by Riventa


    Split Case Pumps
    Hydro Turbines
    Vertical Turbines
    Suitable for both low and high head applications


    Real-time measurement quality indicators
    Pump test wizard for test set-up guidance
    Industry standard analysis software
    Electrically isolated current transformers (to improve safety)
    Thermodynamic measurements meet ISO 5198


    Easy to use, intuitive software
    Easily understand pump test results in clearly presented formats
    Readily interpret and evaluate the condition of a pump using easy to read performance curves
    Make comparisons with manufacturers curves and previous tests (where data is available) in a matter of minutes

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