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  • Download our Pump Optimisation as a Service brochure

    Combining our latest FREEFLOWi4.0 pump monitoring product and additional services, Pump Optimisation as a Service is now here. 

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  • Our annual round-up report

    Each year, around this time, we put pen to paper and provide a round up report summarising the year just gone. So, what happened in 2019?

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  • Happy Christmas Holidays!

    Everyone at Riventa would like to wish you a very merry Christmas holiday and a happy New Year

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  • Riventa and Saur – new partnership announcement

    We’re delighted to announce that Riventa is now part of the Saur SAS Group, the privately-owned multi-national water utility company

  • How real-time system testing reduces energy costs

    How the thermodynamic method can improve efficiency and sustainability with pinpoint accuracy. This special report first appeared in Pumps & Systems Magazine in the US.

  • Our work in Brazil. What happened next?

    Having started work in the country over two years ago, we’ve gone from strength to strength. This blog is a longer read about our continued work in Brazil and some of the pump optimisation projects we’ve completed