Pump System Optimisation Service

    Why our intermediate
    pump system optimisation?

    Reduce energy consumption and maximise savings by continuously improving operations

    Target maintenance, identify resilience risks and renew pumps accurately based on priority and ROI

    Optimise your operating regime with high-precision data to maximise pump performance

    System optimisation setup by Riventa

    Know what’s happening across your system*

    Our Pump System Optimisation Service utilises our secure on-site pump monitoring equipment to provide real-time data, enabling you to start seeing what’s happening across your system by capturing data over 14-days or longer.

    Our easy-to-install system removes many barriers, such as unwanted operational disruptions, perceived on-site safety risks and site staff burden.

    *Please note: we can also optimise wastewater aeration systems.

    Ready to go in 3 easy steps

    Deploy Riventa solutions


     on pumps, in stations

    Test pumps and systems with Riventa solutions


    efficiency & performance

    Save energy with Riventa solutions


    make informed decisions

    1. Deploy

    Rapid low-risk deployment

    Once you’ve selected your site, our cable-free and easy to install FREEFLOW4.0 pump monitoring system can be up and running in around 1 hour per pump, at low risk and with minimal disruption to existing operations.

    Deployment includes secure on-site pump monitoring equipment to provide real-time data, enabling you to start seeing what’s happening in your pumping stations for 2-weeks
    or longer and across as many pumps as you wish.

    2. Monitor

    Live performance monitoring

    Once in place, real-time data for each asset can be evaluated, with information-driven insights highlighting performance issues and supporting decisions. You have the option to have a PDF summary report or instant data and diagnostics on our cloud platform.

    Ours is a game-changing approach compared to a traditional test, during which pumps are measured in turn, or limited findings are achieved by using SCADA history and OEM pump curves.

    How it works:
    Our FREEFLOW4.0 pump monitoring product is temporarily installed on-site, directly assessing actual operational performance, continuously gathering data and driving future optimisation. It’s a complete solution for measuring efficiency across pumps, blowers and turbines.

    3. Save

    Analysis & results to drive savings

    Following deployment, we provide a comprehensive report outlining best practice recommendations, realistic payback calculations and a business case for moving forward – all backed by precision measurement and innovative analytics.

    We appreciate payback often relies on the ability to implement recommendations quickly. Here, our consultants can assist with extra workload by helping to liaise with pump suppliers regarding pump specifications for example.

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