Testing pumping station’s variable speed pumps

    Solving a lasting problem at a pumping station, consisting of 3 variable speed pumps supplying raw water from its reservoir.

    Found energy savings

    Resulting in an annual saving of £56,070 (21.7%) for our client

    Refurbishment savings

    Highlighting annual saving of £8,293 (10.7%) with pump 2 refurb

    3 year payback

    By estimating refurb at £30,000, a pay back of 3.6 years

    More about testing these pumps

    At the station, two pumps had different manufacturers to the third and as such could not be assumed to operate in the same way. The variable drives were also obsolete and, prior to our project, it had not been possible to obtain any information about the electro-mechanical efficiency of the motor and variable speed drive arrangement.

    We used our FREEFLOW portable to complete pump tests. Data revealed best efficiency points for each pump and a design mismatch between these and the drives.

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