Optimsing major pumping station near Paris

    Proving how Saur could optimise operations and find savings at a critical station supplying a major tourist location and its local area.

    Annual 21% energy saving

    Through control system changes alone

    Further 8% savings

    Based on 2 pumps being refurbished and operated at optimum configuration

    3 year payback delivered

    Assuming €100K CAPEX

    More about this pumping station

    Managed by water utility Saur, this strategically positioned station supplies potable water to the location and local area. The station is driven to deliver a constant discharge pressure by way of varying pump combination and speed, consisting of three large and three, small variable speed pumps.

    Utilising our proprietary FREEFLOWi4.0 pump monitor and HydraNet software to investigate pump efficiency and flow, and to calculate potential energy savings, we proved that existing pumps could be rescheduled to meet optimum performance and evaluated the expected cost of operations were the system optimised.

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