Testing original 1930s engine-driven pump

    Innovating with a UK water company to test its largest engine-driven pump and verify pump efficiency improvements.

    Verified effciency

    Showing pump efficiency had improved from 35% to 83%

    Confirmed performance

    Highlighting that pump 8 met original 1930s operating duty of 5000l/s

    Innovated throughout

    With a bespoke calibrated wireless meter used to measure torque

    More about this pumping station

    One of our client’s most important pumping stations serves many square miles of domestic London. The station has six electrically driven pumps up to a capacity of 2 tonnes of water per second.

    Following a major refurbishment, we used our FREEFLOW equipment to test the company’s 1930s diesel-driven units, which had an original duty flow rate of 5 tonnes of water per second. Our findings not only minimised risks and delivered a positive commercial impact, but our measurements now inform future design considerations.

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