Network optimisation

Observe, improve, control networks

How we optimise networks is built on the foundation of real-time hydraulic measurements, not assumptions. Using highly accurate data gathered via pump testing and pump monitoring, we will be able to optimise your networks. Our work can encompass the optimisation of a single service reservoir over a 24-hour period to sub-networks consisting of multiple pumping stations, storage and demand.

Why optimise your networks?

  • To predict and meet network demand at least cost
  • When improving entire network performance
  • To ensure security of supply
  • As part of acceptance and commissioning testing
  • To assess your carbon footprint as part of an energy audit

Benefits of network optimisation

Obtain accurate, quality data across networks

Optimisation is built on real-time hydraulic measurements, not assumptions. Accuracy of up to 0.5% can be obtained

Increase network efficiency and performance

We ensure least cost operation. For every £ you spend across networks, we will help you see how much is converted into useful work

Identify pumps for refurbishment, replacement, or at risk of failure

We help build a business case for investment and develop the most effective course of action

Reduce risks to supply 

Through actions such as hydraulic modelling and demand prediction, we will optimise how you meet supply and demand

What we provide when optimising networks

Depending on your requirements we would gather required data via our pump testing services or pump monitoring services

Pump testing graphic

Pump network optimisation decisions would be supported by accurate data, not assumptions. We would first gather data from the ground up via our in-situ pump testing service
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Pump monitoring graphic

Data to inform optimisation work is also gathered via our pump monitoring service, which aims to analyse systems over longer, fixed periods of time

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What you get with pump network optimisation:

Alongside our pump testing and pump monitoring services, network optimisation delivers these benefits:

  • Hydraulic model construction
  • Demand prediction models
  • Multi-objective optimisation algorithm
  • Operational optimisation
  • Capital decision support
  • Future planning
  • Off-line or real-time systems
  • SCADA integration
  • Security of supply assessment

With pump network optimisation, we combine our technology with engineer support, consultancy and software. This helps to gather highly accurate data that will enable you to meet maximum pumping demands at least cost. Find out more:

Engineer support

As part of network optimisation, we can identify refurbishments, upgrades and replacements across your assets. Through our existing partners, or your local M&E contractors, we can provide pump refurbishments, modifications and new installations.

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We can provide ongoing consultancy aimed at continually optimising your networks. We will help you develop a robust roadmap, supporting the business and economic case for continued investment in assets.

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Our data management service is an integral part of our pump testing services. All results are recorded by our testing system, stored safely and securely with all data and KPI reports accessible 24/7. Our software and data can be integrated with PLC and SCADA systems.

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Tell us more about your project

We will be pleased to make recommendations about how we can help when optimising your networks. We can advise you more accurately if we have a few more details. Please call us on +44 (0)1872 260005 or request a site visit.