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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!” Lord Kelvin, 1880

Each of our pump efficiency solutions combine our technology with consultancy, software and engineering expertise.

At the heart of our solutions, our precise technology will measure the efficiency of each pump to an impressive accuracy of up to 0.5%. By simply measuring the power consumed by the motor we can also calculate flow rate. The extremely precise measurements will enable you to identify current pump performance characteristics, identify areas for refurbishment and energy saving opportunities, as well as risks and reliability issues, such as suction problems.

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Pump testing solutions

Our pump testing solutions are a cost-effective starting point for asset management. We use our portable testing technology to help you evaluate pump performance, health and efficiency to make improvements. 

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Pump monitoring solutions

Our pump monitoring solutions will identify energy, cost and efficiency improvements in stations of all sizes. We use our site-installed monitoring products. You get a tailored roadmap, helping you reduce costs and prioritise investment. 

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Network optimisation solutions

Our network optimisation work is built on real-time hydraulic measurements, not assumptions. By gathering data from the ground up – from single pumps up to sub-stations – we can ensure your entire network operates at least cost.

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Support for each of our pump efficiency solutions:


Using data obtained from testing, monitoring and network optimisation, we will present the business case for investing in plant improvements.
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With our Optimiz software you get real-time decision support for station operators integrated into existing systems, or as standalone web-enabled products.
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Our engineers can carry out your pump tests and monitoring. When it comes to refurbs and replacements, we can also recommend engineering partners.
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We will be pleased to make recommendations about the suitability of our solutions for your pump system project. We can advise you more accurately if we have a few more details. Please call us on +44 (0) 1872 260005 or request a site visit.