• Wednesday May 23, 2018

    What is our HydraNet software?

    We posed some questions to Riventa’s Nicolas Bitan about our HydraNet software and how he’s helping to improve it.

    How would you describe HydraNet?

    “HydraNet is a fantastic piece of software that has been developed in-house for use by Riventa customers to monitor industrial pump systems (in places like water stations). The software delivers a management dashboard and provides an overview of systems and day-to-day operations.”

    How are you involved in the software’s development?

    “I’m mainly responsible for its design and ergonomics – my specialism is user experience (UX). Working alongside the lead software developer, Arnaud Zaragoza, I’m bringing all of my knowledge to the project as a computer scientist specialising in latest UX thinking, and helping to improve application’s use and efficiency in the workplace.

    “We’re continually developing HydraNet, making it faster to navigate and more user friendly and attractive to users.”

    What are some of the specifics you’re developing?

    “Overall, we want to make the application beautiful and efficient – by that I mean it needs to be sleek, seamless and easy on the eye. If someone is using the app, I want them to say: “Wow, this is amazing – I don’t know how I’ve been able to work without it. I want to use it now!”

    “A customer must be amazed by the design and the app’s features when we demonstrate it for the first time.We then want each user to be able to find things faster and move between screens with much less effort, while maintaining a coherent user interface that fits together.

    “Behind the scenes, the team is creating a bunch of tools to enable us to work faster too. For example, we’ve implemented the latest UX research from Montpellier University about the ergonomics of software and how a human interacts with it.”

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