Station Optimisation Projects

    Why optimise?

    Focus efforts by evaluating and better understanding performance gains across priority assets and sites

    Get the pump efficiency data you need in a clearly documented report and visualised format

    Make informed decisions with a comprehensive recommendations regarding savings and opportunities

    Know what’s happening in your stations*

    When we undertake a Station Optimisation Project, we manage, visualise and report on your pump assets and operational efficiency, providing real-time data and visualisations that will enable you to see what’s happening in your stations.

    Each project focuses on the whole-life management of your assets and drives efficiency gains through dynamic optimisation using our easy-to-install pump monitoring kit.

    *Essential for pumps 250kW or larger.

    Ready to go in 3 easy steps

    Deploy Riventa solutions


     on assets, across a system

    Test pumps and systems with Riventa solutions


    efficiency & performance

    Save energy with Riventa solutions


    get data, make decisions

    1. Deploy

    Gathering asset data

    Firstly, we would collect pump and motor specifications alongside any available SCADA data. This provides a basic indication of annual energy consumption and an indication of the range of demand that the station is required to meet during a given period.

    Secondly, we would identify the stations that either consume the most energy or are business critical, and focus efforts to evaluate the performance gains in these priority sites.

    2. Monitor

    On-site asset monitoring

    We would supply our FREEFLOW technology to be permanently installed on each pump in your priority stations. Precision real-time pump performance data is then available to the local SCADA system &/or to our cloud platform HydraNet. Live “decision-support” information is then available to operators in the control room or to the automated control system, so that the optimum pump schedule ensured demand is always met efficiently and with minimum wear in your pumps .The system curve is also measured so that the overall dynamic characteristics of the pumps and station are considered.

    How it works:
    Our FREEFLOW pump monitoring unit can be used as a fixed solution for on-site monitoring, directly assessing actual operational performance and continuously gathering data so you can better understand your pump systems and stations.

    3. Save

    Analysis & results

    Using the HydraNet platform you will be able to analyse the information and data collected during the previous two steps and export a report tailored to your specific case, which will help you to prioritise investment to meet your strategic targets and provide indicative potential energy savings that could be achieved. The report we provide will enable you to make an informed decision about the cost of realising potential savings, versus the value of the saving.

    You can view real-time the overall efficiency of the pumps operating at any time of day or night and review trends to identify operational problems that were previously unidentified and unknown.

    All historic data is available for download and offline analysis in your preferred software package.

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