We deliver next-generation pump
system optimisation expertise


Our award-winning team of experts excel at pump system optimisation, delivering essential know-how to industry.

We specialise in pump testing, pump monitoring and network optimisation for water and wastewater, but work across industries wherever pump systems are in use.

We’re driven by information, not assumptions

We gather real data from the ground up. Information is used across pump system optimisation work. First to improve pumps, then stations, then entire networks.

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We’ve developed and leverage our own, patented technology

Our powerful suite of in-house software tools and algorithms can measure pump efficiency and flow to an impressive accuracy of up to 0.5%.

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We will deliver a return on your investment

By pump scheduling, upgrading station assets and optimising networks, our work has the potential to save up to 63% off your energy bills.

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Riventa pump system optimisation technology

We combine our technology with consultancy to unlock the full potential to meet pumping station and network demand at least cost

  • Our results

    Our pioneering project achieved a 9% reduction in energy costs across an entire water network

    The project also scooped a prestigious award

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