Return on investment

To help you decide how to invest in pumps, station assets and networks, we’ve broken down the potential return you can expect.

Through pump scheduling, upgrading station assets and optimising networks, we can potentially save up to 63% off your energy bills.

Typical pump scheduling savings (including tariff)

Savings of 3-15% can be delivered by helping you to meet your company's demand at least cost.

Explore our work with a leading public sector utility company in South Korea to reduce costs and emissions, and better meet the demands of users. We were asked to analyse a sub-station’s stage 5 and 6, delivering an overall saving of nearly 5%.

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Station asset upgrade savings (OPEX reduction)

Savings of 7-40% can be delivered by helping you to know where to invest in pump system assets.

Explore our work to test three variable speed pumps supplying raw water from our client’s reservoir. Resulted in an annual saving of £56,070 (21.7%), while we also forecasted savings and estimated pay back for pump asset refurbishment work.

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Expected network optimisation savings

Savings of 3-8% can be delivered by achieving significant reductions in energy and by boosting performance.

Explore our pioneering project reduced energy costs across our client’s whole pumping network. The project also scooped the Pump Centre’s prestigious award for Project of the Year 2016. Our results reduced the annual cost of energy from £4.5M by 9%.

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Figures demonstrating how we've worked with one of our clients to deliver ongoing annual savings:

Current energy costs

Totalling: £4,700,000

Sources of savings

Real time pump monitoring
19% (£870k) (Project costs were £200,000, 11 pumps)

M&E upgrade
21% (£980k)

Network optimisation
8% (£370k)

Total energy saving

47% (£2,200,000)