Why Riventa?

Because we're at the forefront of onsite pump efficiency measurement

Our pioneering approach is information-driven, helping you to make informed pump asset investment decisions.

By combining consultancy with our technology, we're highly skilled at onsite pump efficiency measurement. We gather extremely accurate data that unlocks pump, station and network potential.

Information, not assumptions

We gather real data from the ground up. Information is used to first improve pumps, then stations, before optimising entire networks.

Leveraging powerful technology

Our suite of software tools and algorithms measure pump efficiency and flow to an impressive accuracy of up to 0.5%.

We will deliver a return on your investment 

Through pump scheduling, upgrading station assets and optimising networks, we can potentially save up to 63% off your energy bills.

Typical pump scheduling savings (including tariff)

3-15% (delivered by helping you to meet your company's demand at least cost)

Station asset upgrade savings (OPEX reduction)

7-40% (delivered by helping you to know where to invest in pump system assets)

Expected network optimisation savings

3-8% (delivered by achieving significant reductions in energy and by boosting performance)

Our results

Our pioneering project achieved a 9% reduction in energy costs across an entire water network

The project also scooped a prestigious award


Far-reaching benefits


  • Safer, lower risk environments created
  • Standardised maintenance requirements
  • Lower labour costs (prevention of overtime)
  • Labour redeployed to planned priority cases


  • Stable, predictable asset performance
  • ODI improvement
  • Process stability and improved quality control
  • Reduced chemical usage


  • Elimination of unplanned downtime
  • Ragging detection - informing back flush cycles
  • Detection of bursts, leaks, blockages & system abnormalities
  • Air lock detection


  • Environmental discharge avoidance
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Sustainable energy consumption