• Wednesday January 22, 2020

    Our annual round-up report

    Our year came to an exciting close with some BIG news of our new strategic partnership with our largest client – Saur S.A.S in France.

    Riventa and Saur colleagaues pictured together

    It brings together our two highly successful organisations (pictured above).

    The partnership will focus on smart water innovation and technology, delivering a differentiated offer to the market designed to add value to municipal and industrial customers. Click here to read more about our partnership ›

    We’ve been inspired by Saur’s ambitious growth plans for the next five years, which include the establishment of an innovation and technology ‘smart water’ subsidiary; while the Saur team share our vision for the future of Riventa and our transformative business plans.

    During 2019, our plans got well under way and we can report an amazing amount of progress again. At year end, our sales revenues hit £1m for the first time – a direct result of some amazing achievements by our team during the past year, such as winning the Portsmouth Water Network project against some of the largest competitors in the market.

    Next-generation technology

    What always makes us stand out in the market is our next-generation technology, alongside our ability to continuously develop this tech.

    During 2019 we:

    • Successfully utilised our latest FREEFLOWi4.0 technology to wirelessly monitor pumping systems and find huge savings for clients across five continents.
    • Delivered greater flexibility to our clients through FREEFLOWi4.0, such as rapid, cable-free deployment, as well as instant diagnostics and insights, and continuous data gathering via a 5-year battery life.
    • Developed a prototype wireless portable power meter with integrated speed measurement.
    • Rolled out our HydraNet platform – software for monitoring industrial pumping systems – to its first live users, providing them with dynamic data and real-time decision support.

    Our talented team

    While our technology is the bedrock of our business, we’re only ever as good as the people that power our partnerships and projects.

    During 2019, our talented team was joined by more talented people:

    • Alex Thompson as a Project Engineer
    • Charles Foster to develop the UK market
    • Luke Thompson as our UK Site Services Manager
    • Tim Lam as the business development lead in South East Asia

    What can you expect in 2020?

    As our new partnership with Saur comes into fruition, deployments of our technology will involve a further 64 of Saur’s operating sites. These planned deployments will build upon our existing work with 14 of the UK’s 30 public water utilities, which include Thames Water, United Utilities and Severn Trent. Internationally, we’re already active in the United States, Korea and Brazil, as well as in Australia and India; while our Saur partnership will deliver innovation at many more sites across France, Spain, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Colombia.

    Underpinning our work in the coming year will be the 20:20 Vision approach we recently initiated. It is our way of finding up to 20% overall cost reductions by focusing on the top 20% of your largest assets. The approach is driven by our new digital pump efficiency monitoring technology, FREEFLOWi4.0, coupled with our talented team. It brings together the best of what we have to offer, focusing on your largest energy consuming assets and stations (so reducing total energy costs) and by tracking pump deterioration with a view to investing in pump refurbishment when payback is certain (so reducing total energy costs even further).

    2019 was another great year for Riventa. But our success is only ever achieved thanks to our fantastic team, valued customers, suppliers, and partners.

    Here’s to a successful 2020!