Presenting our pumping system optimisation know-how at #CFIS2017

Riventa’s Steve Barrett recently presented our pilot project with a US water district at WaterStart’s Channels for Innovation Summit (CFIS) 2017

Steve Barrett presenting at CFIS2017Based in the US, WaterStart brings together global leaders in the implementation of water innovation. Each of its partners contributes strategic resources and expertise, connecting water management agencies, technology companies and policy makers.

The organisation’s CFIS2017 – held on Friday 6 October in Las Vegas, Nevada – showcased results from recent highly-innovative and successful pilot projects. These included our wireless thermodynamic pump monitoring project for a US water district, within one of the largest state water authorities.

Our first wireless pump monitoring install in the USA

We were delighted to present our pilot project at CFIS2017 – wireless pump monitoring at a US water pumping station to maximise operational performance, recommend asset upgrades and find hidden savings.

Our client’s pumping station is a strategic part of its network, which was built in 1981, with assets updated in 1996. It has seven fixed-speed drywell pumps which transfer potable water from one site’s tank to a regulator tank at another site. Previously, our client had found it impossible to accurately assess the efficiency of each pump at the site.

Using our FREEFLOW fixed pump monitoring system, along with our leading-edge wireless mesh technology, we made real-time recommendations regarding pumping combinations, based on demand, finding savings of 4.8% or $100k per year that could be achieved through pump scheduling. We also prioritised four pumps for refurbishment, delivering potential further savings of 9.6% or $200k per year. With an investment of $378,720, the client would yield $1,500,000 of savings over 5-years – a payback at 1.3 years.

Our technology now provides the client’s operations team with the information they need to operate ageing assets and stations as efficiently as possible, while we’re continuing to collaborate on further optimisation opportunities.

About our FREEFLOW 2.5 wireless technology

  • Pump efficiency measuring (pressure & temperature) with the additional capability to integrate with any existing types/makes of power meters.
  • Battery powered, cable free, utilising the latest ultra-low power electronics (mains powered also available).
  • Delivers pump efficiency, head and flow.
  • Standard module provisions for integration with SCADA systems.
  • Enables rapid deployment, with minimal disruption to operations.
  • Provides a cost-effective platform to deliver pump efficiency and optimisation solutions.
  • Patented method of deriving drive efficiency – optional upgrade.

If you’re considering pumping system optimisation and want to discuss our FREEFLOW wireless technology, please do get in touch.

Access the above case study in full

Some of the above has been extracted from a fuller case study, which you can request by clicking the following link: Pump monitoring at a US water pumping station.

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