Our presentation to the British Water Innovation Exchange

Our presentation on pioneering pump performance measurement methods to the British Water Innovation Exchange, held at Bristol Water

Logos from Bristol Water and British WaterWe recently presented our pioneering pump performance measurement methods at British Water’s second Innovation Exchange.

The event, held with Bristol Water, offers experts from the breadth of several industry sectors a chance to showcase and highlight innovations, cost savings and advancements that could be useful in the water sector. In turn, these provide logical solutions directly to the decision makers within Bristol Water.

Big Data to consistent high-quality operational intelligence

Our hydraulic consultant, Rob Hale, presented on the use of high-level mathematical methods used by our consultancy team – from pump performance measurement to network analysis and optimisation.

These methods include genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks and caching techniques, designed to leverage standard performance parameters to yield refined management-level decision support systems. This allows allocation of scarce resource, most commonly labour and capital, to the areas with greatest criticality and/or return on investment.

A screen grab from the presentation is included opposite, showing how we refine big data into high-quality operational intelligence:


Screengrab from our presentation to the Water Innovation Exchange

Mathematical methods and reporting

Explored were mathematical models that we have developed, including our patented ECOFLOW flow-splitting algorithm which is used to obtain asset-specific performance. Alongside ECOFLOW, our FREEFLOW direct measurement system feeds our algorithms as well, also providing the analysis and decision criteria that are reported via:

  • OPTIMIS – real time assurance of most efficient possible pumping configuration
  • iGUS – delivering prioritised intelligence aiding the move towards more successful implementation of predictive and planned maintenance policies

Case study

The presentation also touched upon our award-winning project with one of our client’s networks across the Midlands and mid-Wales. The 2016 project was the first example of closely collaborating with the customer to produce asset-level performance measurement allowing network optimisation and the minimisation of energy costs, while highlighting which assets to prioritise for realisable enhancement.

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