Post-refurbishment performance testing – just the start of the story

Post-refurbishment performance testing will often provide greater pump information and a broader range of benefits. Here’s how.

Post-refurbishment performance testing of boiler feed pumps at power stationAt a 1000MW coal-fired power station in Southern Australia, we completed highly-accurate performance testing on two of its boiler feed pumps, each serving one of the 500MW boilers. Having shown signs of wear, and with the objective of trying to increase capacity if possible, the pumps had been refurbished and the client wanted to accurately test their performance to quantify any improvement.

Our FREEFLOW portable system was used to test the pumps. Our findings further highlighting that accurate performance testing is a vital tool in the confirmation of pump capability, whether as an acceptance test or before and after any remedial action.

You can explore more detailed results by requesting a copy of our full case study: Boiler feed pump testing.

Greater benefits achieved through performance testing

We were really pleased to show that boiler feed pump performance testing can be successfully carried out. Moreover, this is often only the start of the story… we were also able to show that the refurbishments surpassed expectations and that efficiencies of >80% were possible over a wider range of flows (83% – 140% of BEQ).

By testing other pumps on the same system, we were able to demonstrate that a greater number of benefits can be achieved beyond the confirmation of a pump’s capability. Working with our Southern Australian refurbishment partner and the power station’s team, we highlighted that post-refurbishment pump testing can help to:

  • Build a stronger business case for remedial works (refurbishment, replacement, system control modifications etc)
  • Ensure the most efficient operation becomes the norm
  • Obtain the necessary intelligence to optimise an entire network
  • Recognise further opportunities for optimisation

If you’re considering pump performance testing, please do get in touch to discuss your project.

Access the above case study in full

The above has been extracted from a fuller case study, which you can request by clicking the following link: Boiler feed pump testing

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