Station audits

Helping you answer: How to save pump energy?

From experience, we recommend a station audit as the best way to evaluate the energy savings potential of a specific site. This is best achieved using our 5-step audit process, which has been designed to identify energy, cost and efficiency improvements in pumping stations of all sizes.

Our 5-step station audit process:

  • Desk-based information gathering exercise
  • Prioritisation of resources and assets
  • Pump testing using our FREEFLOW portable
  • Analyse and use data collected from the above three steps 
  • Minimisation of running costs of your pumps

Station audits are based on our proven 5-step process.
More detail is included here: 

Step 1: Desk-based information gathering exercise

We would collect pump and motor specifications alongside any available SCADA data. This step provides a basic indication of annual energy consumption and an indication of the range of demand that the station is required to meet during a given period.

Step 2: The prioritisation of resources

We would identify the stations that either consume the most energy or are business critical, and focus efforts to evaluate the performance gains in these priority sites.

Step 3: Pump testing using our FREEFLOW portable

We would use our FREEFLOW portable pump testing technology to test all the pumps in priority stations. The system curve is measured so that the overall dynamic characteristics of the pumps and station are understood and documented.

Step 4: Analyse and use data collected from steps 1 to 3

We would develop a report, which provides indicative potential energy savings that could be achieved. Our report will identify the areas that should be tackled. The most appropriate solutions are recommended in order to yield potential cost reductions.

Step 5: Minimisation of running costs of your pumps 

Here we could recommend that permanently installed pump monitoring technology is fitted to your pumps. In such circumstances we will guarantee savings.

The outcome: At the end of the process you get a comprehensive, tailored roadmap to help you prioritise investment to meet your strategic targets.

The report we provide will enable you to make an informed decision about the cost of realising potential savings, versus the value of the saving. As part of the report we provide payback calculations for all recommendations.

Pump testing graphic

Pump testing

Our station audits are based on initial data gathered via pump testing

Pump monitoring graphic

Pump monitoring

We would recommend pump monitoring to analyse systems over longer, fixed periods of time

Network optimisation graphic

Network optimisation

Our audits ultimately aims to help you optimise networks to predict and meet demand

Station audits also supported by:

Engineer support

Our engineers would visit your site to carry out the in-situ pump tests, characterising the current condition of the pumping assets without disruption to operations. Our engineers are extremely experienced and will carry out each test to the same high standard.

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Our audits are underpinned by our advanced analytical software (iGUS). As we extend our audit knowledge through projects around the world, we advance or algorithms, analytics, and increase our ability to extract value from site data and information.

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We can provide ongoing consultancy aimed at continually optimising pumps, stations and networks. We will deliver a development roadmap, supporting the business and economic case for continued investment in assets, such as upgrades, replacements and repairs.

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