Real-time decision support for your operators

Through our HydraNet software and its modules, such as Optimiz Station and Optimiz Network, we provide an operator interface as part of your existing SCADA software or as a standalone web-enabled system. This delivers real-time decision support to operators or your existing automated control system. So, whether you’re planning upgrades on a 25-year time frame or minimising use today, our proven software will enable you to manage and optimise resources.

What we provide through software

  • Real-time operator software showing least cost
  • Built-in scheduling guidance for operators
  • Secure pump / system information online
  • Automatic reporting tools providing essential KPI’s
  • Integration with PLC and SCADA systems
  • Archived data with trending
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Integrate with your existing software platform

Our suite of advanced software applications includes HydraNet and its Optimiz Station and Optimiz Network modules – all designed to deliver the following benefits:

Real-time support

Delivers real-time decision support to station operators, providing 24/7 guidance on the best combination of pumps to meet demand at the least cost. This is critical where demand is variable, and variable speed drives are employed.

Performance trending

Supports planned maintenance using performance trending over time. Identifies the best time for maintenance. By estimating refurbishment costs, our software can also track efficiency shortfall, and alert when the payback meets client decision level.

Identify energy savings

Compares actual station cost performance for a period against least cost benchmark. This is used to evaluate the savings attributable to a monitoring system.

Identify upgrades

Identify plant upgrades and modification that could reduce future energy costs, such as pump size changes. Using the GPX Index, it is possible to benchmark current and potential benefits from asset upgrades.

About our HydraNet enterprise resource planning software

HydraNet is our ERP software for monitoring industrial pumping systems – from simple pump assessments through to whole-company network optimisation.

Cloud-based or locally-hosted, HydraNet comes with:

  • Fully-customisable management dashboard
  • In-built analytics and auto-reporting
  • Features for managing OPEX and CAPEX
  • Customisable alarms and warnings
  • GIS interface

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Dashboard within HydraNet software from Riventa
Pump schedules being managed within HydraNet software from Riventa

Dynamic live data at your fingertips

Delivering dynamic live data, HydraNet provides an essential overview of day-to-day pump performance, condition and reliability. Shown opposite is the Pump Schedules dashboard, which delivers real-time decision support to your operators or existing automated control system.

Download our HydraNet datasheet ›

Our software is integral to all our pump system optimisation solutions:

Pump testing graphic

Pump testing

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Pump monitoring graphic

Pump monitoring

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Network optimisation graphic

Network optimisation

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Our software is also supported by:

Engineer support

We will identify upgrades and improvements across your assets. Through our existing partners, or your local M&E contractors, we can provide pump refurbishments, modifications and new system installations.

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We can provide ongoing consultancy aimed at continually optimising your networks. We will help deliver a development roadmap, supporting the business and economic case for continued investment.

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Tell us more about your project

We will be pleased to make recommendations about how our pump station software, combined with our other services, can best support your project. We can advise you more accurately if we have a few more details. Please call us on +44 (0)1872 260005 or request a site visit.