Pump testing services

Evaluate pump performance, health & efficiency

Our pump testing services are a cost-effective starting point for asset management. By measuring the key parameters of pump efficiency - flow rate, head and electrical power - current pump performance characteristics can be compared to ‘as new’ and ‘post-refurbishment’ conditions.

Why consider pump testing?

  • Identify poor assets and inefficient pumps
  • To improve pump performance
  • When considering refurbishment or replacement
  • As part of acceptance and commissioning testing
  • To assess your carbon footprint as part of an energy audit

Benefits of pump testing

Obtain accurate, quality data about your assets

Using our tech, accuracy of up to 0.5% can be obtained when measuring on-site pump efficiency and performance

Increase pump efficiency and performance

Our data will drive asset investment, help assess risks, diagnose issues, and identify refurbishment needs

Analyse and visualise performance through quality data

For every £ you spend, we will help you see how much is converted into useful work


Maximise energy saving opportunities

Through actions such as impeller diameter reduction and variable speed application, we will help you make savings

What we provide when pump efficiency testing

We would use our FREEFLOW portable pump testing technology

  • Conventional and thermodynamic pump testing, all in one
  • Measures head, power, pump efficiency and flow rate in real- time
  • Suitable for both low and high head applications

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What you get:

  • Your assets fully documented
  • Site information compiled in one place
  • System curve measurements, with curves compared to OEM
  • Consultancy and engineering support
  • A complete report with clear recommendations and an explanation of the potential return for all asset decisions

When providing pump testing services, we combine our technology with engineer support, consultancy and software. All of which helps to gather highly accurate data that will enable you to meet maximum pumping demands at least cost. Find out more:

Engineer support

Our engineers would visit your site to carry out an in-situ pump test, or work with you local partner, without disruption to operations. Our engineers are extremely experienced, carrying out each test to the same high standard.

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Our consultancy is aimed at providing you with a business case for investing in station pump improvements. We would outline the business and economic case for investment. It can be tailored to meet client objectives and budget.

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Our data management service is an integral part of our pump testing services. All results are recorded by our test systems is stored safely and securely, with all data and KPI reports accessible 24/7.

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Tell us more about your project

We will be pleased to make recommendations about the suitability of pump testing for your project. We can advise you more accurately if we have a few more details. Please call us on +44 (0) 1872 260005 or request a site visit.