How to meet the AMP6 and TOTEX challenge

AMP6 can be met and TOTEX best minimised through an information-driven approach. Read our summary and download free resources

AMP6 and TOTEX resources by RiventaA fundamental requirement of managing TOTEX is that decisions must then be made based on quantitative measures in order to optimise the total cost of ownership. A pre-requisite of any TOTEX reduction initiative must be the acquisition of data that is reliable, accurate and current.

TOTEX can best be minimised through an Information driven approach, where the base-line data is trusted in order to make decisions which will have positive long-term implications on TOTEX outcomes.

One critical measurement for water distribution companies is that of pump efficiency. For two reasons:

  • Because pump efficiency degrades naturally with use/time
    Pump efficiency changes with system characteristics/head

The latter often the cause of hidden costs in terms of excessive energy costs and potentially a greatly reduced useful life of the pump.

Until the last 10-years, historically pump efficiency has been very difficult to measure in situ. Today the maturing of technology has led to the availability of pump efficiency measurement systems that are accurate, reliable and durable. The proliferation of this technology has been accelerating over recent years due to i) the increasing imperative for asset owners to achieve cost reduction and ii) the availability of information systems which make it possible to utilise the resulting information.

Data-driven decision making is defined not only by collecting data, but also by how and if it is used in making crucial decisions – such as when and how to improve the performance of a pump, motor or ancillary equipment. Here at Riventa we have focused not on the measurement technology as the deliverable to the client, but, moreover, we continue to be focused on the outcomes in terms of total cost reduction that can be achieved by utilising information.

Blue-chip clients who have used our services have, without exception, gained confidence in making business decisions based mainly on data and analysis provided by us, shifting away from decisions made on experience and intuition alone.

Download free AMP6 and TOTEX resources

Managing TOTEX: An information-driven-approach (PDF 3.7MB)

Article on condition-based maintenance (PDF 700KB)

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