Specialising in water and wastewater, but working across other industries

We know that owners of industrial pumping systems around the world are continually under increasing pressure to maximise the benefit of reliable, dependable and accurate pump performance data.

Reducing energy consumption and the associated whole-life cost of pumping systems is as important to us today as it is to our growing customer base.

Working with water companies, our aims are:

To unlock the potential at pumping stations and help our customers to meet network demand at least cost.

To achieve significant reductions in energy and emissions and boost performance at each station where we are involved.

To help our customers to know where to make network investments to meet strategic targets and drive greater profit.

Other industries we work in:


The mining industry is a major area of work for us. Locally we support kaolin mining companies in Cornwall and work with Exeter University on the Mine Smart Grid Project. Further afield we work with MIRARCO in Canada

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Working outside of the water industry, we've tested complex industrial pumping systems used for manufacturing. Specifically, we've worked with a world-renowned chocolate maker to find robust savings across its factory pumps.

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We've worked with petrochemical companies, and with hydrocarbons such as naphtha and crude oil. Specifically, we've tested sub-stations and high-energy pumps used to channel unrefined petrol along sections of Hungary's Friendship Pipeline.

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Tell us more about your project

We will be pleased to make recommendations about the suitability of our pump testing and pump monitoring technology for your project. We can advise you more accurately if we have a few more details. Please call us on +44 (0) 1872 260005 or request a site visit.