Happy Christmas Holidays!

Everyone at Riventa would like to wish you a very merry Christmas holiday and a happy New Year

Happy Christmas Holidays from Team RiventaHere, we also want to share some news with you, which we plan to tell you more about in 2020.

This decade has seen us pioneer new technology and grow our business globally – and it comes to an exciting end, with the news that we’re now part of the Saur Group, the privately-owned multi-national water utility company. You can read our announcement in full, which is the culmination of much positive, collaborative work by all involved, with more success still to come. We look forward to updating you in 2020.

Enter 2020 with 20:20 Vision

Towards the end of this year, we also presented at the US Pacific Northwest (Technology Approval Group (TAG) Showcase, held in Seattle. TAG is run by Isle Utilities who kindly invited us to talk about pump system optimisation. At the event, our MD, Steve Barrett, talked about 20:20 Vision, our way of optimising pumping systems and making hidden costs more visible. Click here to view extracts from Steve’s TAG presentation.

What is 20:20 Vision?

20:20 Vision is our way of finding up to 20% overall cost reductions by focusing on the top 20% of your largest assets.

We do this through a clear focus on your largest energy consuming assets and stations (so reducing total energy costs) and by tracking pump deterioration with a view to investing in pump refurbishment when payback is certain (so reducing total energy costs further).

Riventa's wireless pump monitoring instrument, FREEFLOWi4.020:20 is being driven by our new digital pump efficiency monitoring technology, FREEFLOWi4.0 (pictured opposite), which is our world-class digitisation solution for pumping assets and systems. It is guaranteed to deliver real value:

  • Decreases costs by optimising your pumping operations.
  • Improves pumping performance by rapidly diagnosing issues.
  • Means less maintenance spend with detailed asset info at your fingertips.
  • Reduces CO2 footprint via continuous improvements to your pumping systems.

We plan to tell you much more about FREEFLOWi4.0 in the New Year. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a very merry Christmas holiday and a happy New Year!

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