Green Pump Index (GPX)

The Green Pump Index (GPX): A methodology to benchmark in-situ pump performance (white paper available for download)

GPX Index - a methodology for benchmarking in-situ pump performanceThe GPX Index is our benchmarking methodology. It fits in with our results analysis as a final output from the process of accurate pump testing and pump monitoring.

Our white paper provides an overview of GPX, addressing the age old problem: how does a pump owner know how ‘good’ a pump is?

All pumps are different; in terms of head, flow rate, electrical power, site hydraulic conditions and deviation from the duty point. In addition to these factors, often the motor is sized incorrectly, there may be a variable speed mechanism, demand requires pumping into different systems, or the systems can have low or high static head, low or high frictional co-efficients etc.

Therefore, defining ‘good’ can be very difficult. Simply measuring a pump’s performance characteristic (i.e. the pump curve) is not adequate to fully evaluate the performance of a given pump. It is these real world circumstances that make the GPX Index invaluable.

Thermodynamic pump monitoring

Through our FREEFLOW fixed system, we are able to gather valuable, in-situ pump performance data through thermodynamic pump monitoring. Such data means that pump system performance can be managed and controlled more effectively.

But what does this mean for your business? The result is that real-time optimisation becomes a reality. Pump data also delivering an accurate platform for planning capital expenditure and minimising whole-life costs.

To find out more about the GPX Index, click to download our GPX white paper

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