Finding pump efficiencies in Brazil

Having recently worked with a major municipal water company in Sao Paulo, explore how we found significant pump efficiencies, as well as our broader work in the country

The Riventa team finding pump efficiencies at a station in Sao Paulo, BrazilIn the metropolis of Sao Paulo – the ninth largest city in the world and one of the most populous – there is a concerted drive to improve water quality and increase distribution capabilities to meet huge demand.

In the city, we recently worked with a downtown clean water pumping station, directly measuring the efficiency of three 700CV water distribution pumps. Using our FREEFLOW portable thermodynamic pump testing system, we tested the station’s pumps and compared performance to historic SCADA data and the OEM’s ‘as-new’ performance curves.

With Brazil an emerging market for us – and because the project was our first in the country – we wanted to demonstrate that FREEFLOW could accurately determine real-time pump efficiency and clearly allow the user to pursue the most cost-effective operation by correctly prioritising the station.

Our tests yielded immediate knowledge that major energy savings existed – results that were viewed with interest by the client who was very pleased to have found significant and very viable energy savings. View our headline results

Building a presence in Brazil

Andre Vizioli, of Riventa partner, Improv EquipamentosAlongside our Brazilian partner – Improv Equipamentos – we have begun working in the Brazilian water market and looking at opportunities in a country that is experiencing major water challenges, such as service disruptions and system deficiencies.

Just last week, we were represented by our Brazilian partners – Improv Equipamentos – at the World Water Forum 2018 in Brasilia. We were part of the UK Department of International Trade’s stand at the event, which featured ten British companies specialising in water and waste management, showcasing some of the leading technology the UK has to offer.

Pictured opposite is Andre Vizioli of Improv Equipamentos at the World Water Forum event.

Get our Sao Paulo case study in full

The above article is based on a fuller case study, which you can request by clicking the following link: Pump Efficiency Testing in Brazil

As with the Sau Paulo pumping station, we’re confident that our approach and the technology we use will identify savings and efficiencies in your pumping station.

If you feel we can help, please do get in contact.

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