Download our latest brochure

Our latest brochure is available for you to download, providing some handy background on who we are and what we do

Our 6-page PDF brochure provides an overview of our services, including:

  • On-site pump efficiency testing
  • Real-time pump monitoring
  • Information system integration
  • Hydraulic engineering consultancy

Our technology is also neatly summarised. With the power to unlock the full potential for our clients to meet station and network demand at least cost, our tech includes:

  • FREEFLOW – the solution where precision is essential, such as medium to large pumping stations with high energy consumption (400kW and above) and where demand is variable. A thermodynamic measurement system where head, power, pump efficiency and flow rate are monitored in real-time.
  • ECOFLOW – the solution for medium-sized pumping stations with typical energy consumption of between 100kW and 400kW. A pump performance monitoring system that measures head, power, pump efficiency and flow rate (from a site installed flow-meter) in real- time.
  • PROFLOW – the solution for detecting the onset of pump, motor and system failure, in real time. A cost effective solution designed to track pump performance, failure and faults in the most demanding of applications. A pump performance monitoring and protection system that measures head, power, pump efficiency and flow ate (from a site-installed flow meter) in real-time.

The above are site-installed products that deliver real performance gains in a wide range of pumping applications.

For more information about our services and solutions, download our 6-page brochure.

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