Conference Keynote Paper: Pump Centre Project of the Year 2016

Keynote Paper by Tom Clifford, Consultancy Director, Riventa, on Severn Trent Water Melbourne Real-time Pump and Turbine Network Optimisation

The Melbourne Area Network has always suffered from large variations in energy use and numerous historic investigations had not uncovered the reasons or best operating policies. 

A schematic of the area network is included opposite:

The complex algorithms developed as part of the work enable Severn Trent Water to accurately schedule operation over a set horizon, meeting the demand with very appreciable energy cost reductions – a process simply too difficult for operational staff to do by experience alone.

The structured and unbiased methodology means that the annual cost of energy has reduced from £4.5M by 9%. The wealth of data has also identified a further £200,000 of savings available through targeted investment.

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