Testing pressure pumps used for kaolin mining

Working alongside GT Jones for a UK kaolin mining company, we have been carrying out accurate pump performance measurements to complement their innovative and reliable refurbishment work

GT Jones asked us to complete pre and post refurbishment tests to assess the success of their work and to be able to report findings back to their client, the UK’s largest kaolin and white mineral mining company. The work, at one of the client’s most significant sites, involved using our FREEFLOW system to test the quarry’s four pressure pumps (duty: 120m @ 818m3/hr; 355kW).


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Our results in brief:

  • Data enabled reliable prediction of next economic repair
  • Reliable refurbishment methods mean pumps can be kept in service indefinitely or until the duty changes
  • Hydraulic efficiency improved from 63% to 82% (pump 4)
  • Removes the notion of obsolescence for pumps of this type

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