Optimising network to reduce energy costs

Our pioneering project reduced energy costs across our client’s whole pumping network. The project also scooped the Pump Centre’s prestigious award for Project of the Year 2016

Our client engaged with us to deliver real time pump and turbine network optimisation. One of the company’s networks had always suffered large variations in energy use, while numerous historic investigations had not uncovered the reasons or best operating policies. Our work supported a programme of operational and capital expenditure efficiencies through targeted investment.


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Pump Centre Project of the Year 2016 Winner Graphic

Our results in brief:

  • Annual cost of energy has reduced from £4.5M by 9%
  • Data identified further £200,000 savings through targeted investment
  • Further best practice upgrades could also achieve a 19% saving (£855,000/year)
  • Results changed how network now operates
  • Roll out of system to other networks across the AMP6 period

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