Optimising pumping plant in South Korea

Collaborating with a global tyre manufacturer to optimise its water pumping plant, a pressurised system to circulate cooling water for synthetic rubber processing

Through water pump monitoring we were asked to optimise a global tyre manufacturer’s plant, situated in a district of South Korea. The plant utilises a pressurised system that circulates cooling water for synthetic rubber processing. Our objective was to reduce costs and energy within the manufacturing process. Integral to the project we used Green Pump Index (GPX) benchmarking.

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Tyre manufacturing pumps system in South Korea

Our results in brief:

  • Required flow demand met
  • 11% reduction in pressure achieved
  • GPX index improved from 54 to 64 with modifications
  • GPX index of 77.8% identified with capital investment
  • Energy reduction of 13% per annum

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