Blower performance tests at sewage works

Using our FREEFLOW portable testing system to examine blowers at a sewage treatment works, and identify energy and efficiency savings

Due to the high energy consumption of the blowers at this sewage treatment works, and the substantial maintenance costs, we were asked to complete performance tests to identify remedial works and find potential savings. We utilised our FREEFLOW portable pump testing system to test three 75kW twin-lobe positive displacement rotary lobe blowers that provide aeration to two separate lanes.


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Blower tests at a sewage treatment works

Our results in brief:

  • Savings of £30,500 a year if £88,00 invested in replacement of 2 blowers (payback 2.9 years)
  • Immediately replacing pressure relief valves, filters and belts would save £4,500 per year in energy
  • Relative to blowers 2 & 3, Blower 1 achieved 9% less flow and consumed 13% more power to do so

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