Building a case for asset investment

Our work with a global food brand – to test factory pumps at its food production plant – highlighted the vital role pump testing information plays in asset investment decisions

Building a case for asset investment with a global food brandAs with the tests at our client’s production plant, pump testing will help to build a strong case for investing in assets to achieve robust savings longer term.

How can pump testing inform asset investment?

What the pump tests delivered for our food brand client was clarity in terms of the state of its current assets and the required programme of investment.

Using our FREEFLOW portable system, we tested the client’s cooling system, which is split into two pumping sub-systems. In such a heavy-use manufacturing environment, we found that all pumps were showing signs of wear and tear. Moreover, the pump manufacturer’s performance levels were not being achieved (BEP 81%). In fact, the maximum pump efficiency possible was found to be 75% and only achieved by two of five pumps.

The pumps in question were obsolete, with parts no longer available from the manufacturer. Our findings highlighted specific problems with certain pumps that would need to be addressed. We were also able to put pumps into a descending order of repair.

Refurbishment recommendations

As with all pump testing projects, we made a series of recommendations, enabling our client to make an informed decision regarding planned investment and the refurbishment of pumps. Broadly, two options were presented:

  • Basic refurbishment: including internal coating plus part replacement
  • Comprehensive refurbishment: As basic above, plus bespoke work to impellers

Alongside one of our engineering partners, we are continuing to work with the client to complete a programme of refurbishments.

If you want to discuss how we can support your asset investment decisions, please do get in touch.

Access the above case study in full

The above has been extracted from a fuller case study, which you can request by clicking the following link: Pump testing at a food production plant.

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